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  • Aug 17, 2021

    Basic requirements of geocell in desert highway construction

    The application research results of desert road construction prove that the compressive resilience modulus obtained by GeoGro's geocell is 190-210MPa, which fully meets the design requirements of the roadbed, and the sand-filled structure layer of the geocell is about 10cm thinner than the natural gravel structure layer. You can get materials nearby. The savings in conventional roadbed material costs and transportation costs have reduced road construction costs by 50%, and the construction period used has been reduced by 60% compared to conventional methods.

  • Feb 17, 2021

    Application of Geocell in Slope Protection Project of Small River .

    The toe of the river bank slope is fixed with a stone cage net. While stabilizing the toe of the slope, this material will not affect the interaction ability of the water body, which is beneficial to the drainage of the entire slope. The fixed foot structure of the stone cage has the characteristics of flexibility, water permeability and integrity, and the gaps between the stones can facilitate the growth of underwater microorganisms, which is of great help in purifying water quality. The slope protection adopts GeoGro's geocell. The cell is a geocell with holes, the size is 15-80-1.2, the height is 15cm, the plate thickness is 1.2mm, and the cell welding distance is 80cm. The geocell of this size can reach 400mm×400mm×150mm (length×width×height) after fully unfolding, and the construction is simple. The top of the bank adopts 30cm×30cm C20 concrete pressure top to further enhance the stability of the bank slope.

  • Dec 26, 2020

    Application of GeoGro's Geocell in Highway Construction

    The geological conditions of the areas where the highway passes are very different, requiring a large number of filling and digging sections to connect, and there are many bridgeheads jumping, and the problems of side displacement and extrusion of roadbed materials under load seriously affect the service life and safety of the highway. . The use of traditional methods cannot stop the destructive erosion of the soil layer under the protective slope by rainwater, resulting in increased maintenance costs. If GeoGro's geogrid is used for slope protection, with grass seeds with developed root systems, it can not only stabilize the soil and protect the slope, but also green and protect the ecological environment, which meets the requirements of the country to pay attention to environmental protection and build green channels.

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