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At present, HDPE geomembrane anti-seepage structure design is adopted in China's domestic sewage treatment plants and petrochemical industries and some other fields. HDPE geomembrane has the advantages of high strength, good ductility, strong anti-seepage ability and good chemical stability. It is used as anti-seepage layer, isolation layer and lining layer in various projects of anti-seepage and anti-fouling structures.
The earthen pond structure type lined with HDPE geomembrane inherits the advantages of the earthen pond structure, and has the advantages of low cost, good anti-seepage ability, good chemical stability, good anti-UV aging, anti-rodent and microbial attack, and avoids the risk of leakage. It can applied to all types of sewage pool that are simpler in shape.
Generally, the HDPE geomembrane anti-seepage structure consists of four layers of the base layer, HDPE geomembrane, protective layer and stone (or concrete) slope protection from the top to the bottom of the pool slope. The HDPE geomembrane anti-seepage structure is generally composed of two layers of the base layer and the HDPE geomembrane from the top to the bottom of the pool bottom side. We suggest that in some areas, such as the bottom of the pond should be set up concrete walkway board, the width is better to be greater than 1.2 meters, the same way to the slope. Its function is to prevent damage to the geomembrane at the bottom of the pool due to personnel walking and equipment transportation during construction, and to prevent some sharp objects falling on the slope or damage to the geomembrane such as electric welding slag.

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