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With the development of cities, the amount of domestic waste generated has increased rapidly, and waste disposal has become a major problem in the process of urbanization in countries around the world. At present, the sanitary landfill method has been widely recognized and applied. As the core of the impermeable structure, GeoGro's geomembrane is the most important for the normal operation of sanitary landfills.
Landfill is the most commonly used method for solid waste and domestic waste treatment. It has the characteristics of low cost, large processing capacity and simple operation In many developed countries and developing countries widely used. Landfill often involves such problems as highly toxic and hazardous leachate and hazardous chemicals. Impervious materials used for landfill liner must have good impervious performance, good degradation performance and good oxidation resistance.
Used for landfill anti-seepage geomembrane shall meet the following system:
1)GeoGro'sHDPE geomemebrane membrane thickness should not less than 1.5 mm. Decided to the stress state of membrane thickness, durability, penetration resistance, etc. The ability to resist damage.
2)GeoGro's HDPE geomembrane width should not be less than 7 m. The wider the width, the stronger the leakproofness.
3)GeoGro's HDPE geomembrane should be used for slope. the secondary forming method can effectively ensure the stability of various indexes of the sheet and improve the overall engineering quality.

GeoGro's geomembrane used in landfills generally adopts three structures as shown in the figure: Landfill- geogro Landfill- geogro (1)GeoGro's Geomembrane and mixed soil structure In this structure, the permeability coefficient of the mixed soil is required to be less than lxl0-6cm/s, and the thickness is greater than 50cm. In order to prevent the geomembrane from being punctured, it is stipulated that the thickness of the geomembrane cannot be thinner than 1.5mm.
(2)GeoGro's Geomembrane and asphalt concrete construction The thickness of the geomembrane laid on the asphalt concrete is more than 1.5mm. The thickness of asphalt concrete is not less than 5cm, and the permeability coefficient is lower than lxl0 -7cm/s.
(3)GeoGro's Two-layer geomembrane structure In this structure, the thickness of the geomembrane is above 1.5mm, and an isolation layer is used in the middle of the two layers of geomembrane.
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