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GeoGro Road construction in desert area

 Road construction in desert-GEOGRO

The loose sand will pile up into a cone-shaped sand pile with a natural angle of repose under the action of its own gravity. If it is to bury horizontally reinforced materials such as geocells and geogrids in these sands. The reinforced sand can maintain a certain upright state without forming a slope. This shows that the performance of reinforced sand has been improved to a certain extent compared with unreinforced sand. Specifically, the soil is formed by the accumulation of loose soil particles, and the unreinforced soil cannot withstand the horizontal tension, so it cannot restrain the lateral displacement caused by the vertical load of the foundation. Reinforced materials are arranged in layers in the horizontal direction of the reinforced soil, and they form a firm connection with the soil. At this time, the reinforced material in the reinforced soil can be regarded as a tensile member, which generates friction with the soil body to limit the lateral deformation of the upper and lower soil bodies. Enhance the stability of the soil, thereby also improving the bearing capacity of the soil.

 Road construction in desert-GEOGRO
Road construction in the desert is different from ordinary road engineering. First of all, the natural conditions in the desert area are quite harsh, the climate is dry, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the construction conditions are difficult; secondly, the desert area is scarce of resources, few building materials, difficult to transport, construction cost is high, and construction speed is slow. The geocell is applied to desert road construction, and the sand foundation is compacted and leveled during construction. Then pave the geocell and backfill the sand. It can be compacted. GeoGro's geocell can shrink freely. Convenient transportation, the backfilled sand can be made on-site, and the construction is simple, the construction efficiency is high, the cost is saved, and the investment is reduced. At the same time, the cell has good durability and strong adaptability to the harsh environment of the desert.

GeoGro's geogrid construction technology principle

First, the geocell is used to partition the soil, and the soil is tightly restrained by interlocking, which inhibits the lateral movement tendency of the filler, and improves the integrity of the soil;
secondly, it is generated by the inner filler of the geocell and the cell wall. After the aeolian sand is filled into the geocell, the friction force generated by the contact with the upper and lower layers of soil forms a solid body, which strengthens the soil and improves the bearing capacity of the roadbed.
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