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GeoGro Intertidal Road

 Road construction in desert-GEOGRO

The cost of building roads and materials in the intertidal zone of the beach is a large-scale project of moving mountains and reclaiming the sea, and the method of using geocells and geotextiles has become a breeze. First spread the non-woven geotextile on the beach, then set up a GeoGro's geocell on the fabric. After unfolding and fixing, put sand and gravel in the cell and compact it to form a permanent road. Even if the tide is submerged! It does not affect the strength of the road.

Support structure of sewer pipe-GEOGRO

The construction of the GeoGro'sgeocell is simple, the steps are as follows:
1) Level the site and remove the soft surface soil equivalent to the height of the cell;
2) Connect the cell product ex-factory pieces with connectors to form the construction unit piece, and pull the overlapped cell apart (whether geotextile or other felt mat materials need to be laid under the cell depends on the foundation situation and usage requirements;
3) To fix the opened cell, it can be fixed by soil nailing method or by the method of stretcher frame support;
4) Use a manual or a loader to fill the cell with granular materials until it is full and beyond the top of the cell, and then vibrate or roll, and the construction of the geocell is completed.
5) At this time, the cell system can support various construction machinery, which can be directly constructed, and the surface construction can be completed according to conventional methods.
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