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In recent years, with the improvement of environmental protection regulations and the improvement of environmental protection requirements for construction projects, the environmental protection anti-seepage problems of mine tailings ponds have become increasingly prominent. Tailings are a type of industrial waste, and other industrial waste dumps have similar conditions, such as power plant ash dams, slag yards and so on.
Based on the characteristics of the tailings pond project, our company's research institute has conducted in-depth research on the feasibility and effect of using geotextiles to reinforce the dam. By laying HDPE geomembrane on the reinforced body slope, the influence of groundwater seepage on the stability of the reinforced body can be prevented. Among them, the HDPE rough geomembrane produced by our company has been widely used overall or partial in the dam building of the reservoir area because of its high tensile strength, good anti-seepage performance, strong deformation ability, light weight, convenient construction and low cost.
Refer to the anti-seepage requirements of the domestic waste landfill and combining the scientific research and practice of our company's research institute, the following two technical measures are proposed for the mine tailings project:
1)The thickness of the HDPE geomembrane of the bottom and surrounding anti-seepage layer should be equal to or greater than 1.5mm.
2)The tailings reservoir and slag yard that need to adopt environmental protection anti-seepage measures should adopt single six layer HDPE geomembrane and clay or a composite anti-seepage lining composed of bentonite anti-seepage blanket (GCL).

 mining-GEOGRO When the GeoGro's geocell is used for scouring protection and slope protection, it can prevent the slope from erosion or collapse due to water or current erosion. After the geocell is laid, the local collapse of the slope is controlled due to the constraint of the cell, and the water flow can be discharged from the special holes on the side wall of the cell or through the special geocomposite drainage body, which can avoid the formation Undercurrent; At the same time, various plants and flowers can be planted in the cell to beautify the environment. customer geogro

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