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For the cement, steel and other raw materials used in slope protection, the corresponding specifications have put forward specific requirements. If the conditions for obtaining local materials cannot be met, outsourcing or long-distance transportation of raw materials is required, and the purchase and transportation costs are huge. The geocells can be used to obtain materials nearby, which is convenient for transportation and easy to lay. It has higher ecological requirements and is suitable for vegetation growth areas. The slope disposal effect is even better.

slope protection-GEOGRO

Slope ecological protection mostly uses GeoGro's high-strength geocells, which not only have high breaking strength per unit width (general strength ≥ 800N/cm), joint peel strength (general strength ≥ 400N/cm), and cell welding joint shear force (General strength ≥ 10000 N/cm) and high fatigue strength, and the corrosion resistance of the material is also excellent. The GeoGro's geocell has a strong lateral restriction effect on the slope filling material. Its ability to interlock with the granular material of the filler can restrict the lateral movement of the granular material. After slope protection paving, a large honeycomb-shaped three-dimensional grid can be formed The net is laid on the surface of the side slope, and the three-dimensional grid is filled with aggregate or soil suitable for vegetation growth, and planted with grass and trees suitable for the local area.
According to actual needs, single-layer or multi-layer geocells can be arranged to play the main role of stabilizing the slope. In the later operation, even under the impact of water flow, the stability of the slope can be controlled accordingly. The rainwater inside the slope can penetrate each other through the openings of the side panels of the geocell to keep the drainage unobstructed. The geocell has good water conductivity, and at the same time for Flowing water can also play a role in alleviating energy dissipation. The water carried by the side slope can be deposited in the cell, effectively avoiding the loss of grass seeds and vegetation seedlings being washed away by rain, and increasing the plant coverage and survival rate.

GeoGro's geocell slope protection
GeoGro's geocells can control erosion, and the most applications are slope protection, dams, retaining walls, breakwaters, etc. Its principle is to increase the flow capacity, reduce the erosion of the furrow, prevent the accumulation of water pressure, and eliminate the concentrated erosion. The honeycomb restricting structure can fix the filling material, restrict the water pressure acting on it, thereby improving the flow capacity. The honeycomb wall allows normal drainage, but controls the flow rate in the nest. Like thousands of mini-dams, the concentrated water flow is dispersed into a uniform, soothing thin layer of water flow.

slope protection-GeoGro
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