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geogro's smooth geocell

Smooth geocell

Smooth geocell: After the raw materials are heated and extruded by the extruder, they are directly welded to form a smooth geocell. This is a smooth geocell. This kind of drainage performance is average, but the cost is low.

geogro's textured geocell

Textured geocell

Textured geocell: This is the national standard geocell, which has high resistance to pressure, high tensile strength and long service life. This requires a special mold to make it into the shape of the texture.

geogro's smooth surface geomembrane

Smooth Surface Geomembrane

The smooth geomembrane has a low friction coefficient, a low slip coefficient, and no rough small particles on the surface. It is suitable for areas where the slip resistance coefficient is not very good, such as artificial lakes, scenic lakes, and lotus ponds.

geogro's textured surface geomembrane

Textured Surface Geomembrane

Textured surface geomembrane is produced from high density polyethylene resin by film-blowing process, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component.The textured surface geomembrane is based on the traditional production process of polyethylene geomembrane, and the production equipment is technologically reformed, so that the surface of the produced polyethylene geomembrane forms a granular rough surface, which improves the friction on the surface of the geomembrane. Performance, and compared with the smooth geomembrane of the same specification, it has stronger stretching ability.

geogro's filament geotextile

Filament Geotextile

Polyester filament geotextile is made directly by spinning and needle-punching and consolidating polyester filaments, it's made by forming and consolidating polyester filaments, the fibers are arranged in a 3D structure.Polyester filament non-woven geotextile has excellent heat resistance and light resistance, even if it is exposed to an environment of nearly 20 degrees for a short time, its performance is almost unchanged. After a large number of tests and practices, the polyester filament non-woven geotextile has long-term corrosion resistance to various natural soils, moisture and microorganisms.

geogro's plastic breeding net

plastic breeding net

GeoGro's the plastic flat net is processed by hot spraying and cold curing; it has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and high tensile force. Color: black, white, green, various colors can be customized.
GeoGro's biaxially stretched plastic grid is made of high molecular polymer through the process of extrusion, forming, and punching, and then stretched longitudinally and transversely.

geogro's reinforcement composite

Reinforcement Composite

GeoGro's Composite geogrids are made by bonding a nonwoven geotextile to PP biaxial geogrid.
Fiberglass geogrid knitted with nonwoven geotextile impregnated by bitumen is an asphalt reinforcement.
Polyester geogrid stitched With nonwoven geotextile impregnated By bitumen is an asphalt reinforcement.
Coated Fibreglass Geogrid (FG) composite nonwoven geotextile by glue is manufactured from a glass fiber.

geogro's pvc pipe

PVC Pipe

The PVC Pipes are weldly used in Water supply engineering, electrical engineering, construction works,sewage system, Telecommunication engineering, drilling engineering, salt water project,chemical plant, paper mill, brewing fermentation plant, electroplate plant, agricultural garden, oil field, livestock breeding,freeway engineering, golf course engineering and plastic sheet for fishing.

geogro's hdpe pipe


HDPE PIPE is a pipes made by high-density polyethylene material so that the resulting type of pipe that can withstand higher compressive power. HDPE pipe is strong, pliable / flexible and resistant to chemicals makes this product has a growing appeal. We are offering HDPE Pipe manufactured by word class technology, automated extruder machine. Are also offering various size and diameter, thickness, quality as per client requirement.


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