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PVC Pipe

PVC pipe (divided into PVC-U pipe, PVC-UH pipe and PVC-O pipe) is made of PVC resin, stabilizer and lubricant, and then extruded by hot pressing. It is the first plastic pipe to be developed and applied.
The PVC Pipes are weldly used in Water supply engineering, electrical engineering, construction works,sewage system, Telecommunication engineering, drilling engineering, salt water project,chemical plant, paper mill, brewing fermentation plant, electroplate plant, agricultural garden, oil field, livestock breeding,freeway engineering, golf course engineering and plastic sheet for fishing.

reinforcement mechanism of geocell

1.PVC Pipes uses in pressure water / potable water network
2.Sewage networks are an area of PVC pipes usage
3.PVC Pipes used in canalisation projects
4.PVC Pipes uses as cable protection pipes
5.An area also of PVC Pipe is uses for industrial area
6.PVC Pipe can be uses for inbuilding projects
7.PVC Pipes uses for sewerlinesHigh Quality Plastic PVC Pipe UPVC Tube,pipe,pvc pipe tube
8.PVC pipes preferred also in drainage lines

All the necessary accessories as follows.

the necessary accessories of GEOGRO's geocell

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