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GeoGro Support structure of sewer pipe

 Road construction in desert-GEOGRO

The GeoGro's geocell can replace stone as the support structure of pipes or sewer pipes. The materials of the chamber can be taken from the local material to form a solid and durable overall plate structure. It is more economical and practical to use the distance from large transportation pipelines, especially in areas lacking stone materials.

Support structure of sewer pipe-GEOGRO
For slopes that are not protected by any protection, while being eroded by rain, with the extension of the rainfall duration, high-intensity rainfall will form runoff on the slopes, and the soil on the slopes will be eroded by catchment water. The main manifestation is that the undercutting effect of the slope is very obvious, sometimes even in the process of a rainfall, a whole set of continuous development process from splash erosion, scale erosion to rill erosion, and even cut groove erosion is formed. The catchment area of the cut trench is large, the water source is abundant, and its development is very rapid, which is very harmful to the pipeline. Because of its main undercutting effect, it is very easy to cause the pipeline to be exposed or even suspended.

By fixing the GeoGro's geocells flat on the slope surface, the occurrence of surface erosion can be fundamentally prevented, and at the same time, the concentrated erosion of slope surface runoff can be greatly reduced. The geocell is fixed on the slope and filled with original soil (gravel soil, sand, silt and clay) to form the overall structure of the cell. First, the cell structure forms an isolation layer between the slope surface and the water flow to avoid direct erosion of the slope surface by the water flow; secondly, the cell structure is a grid-like structure, which has a good energy dissipation effect and greatly reduces the erosion consequences of the water flow; Finally, the soil material filled in the cell is relatively loose, and the water seepage effect is very obvious, which greatly reduces the runoff flow on the slope, that is, on the other hand, it plays an energy dissipation role. Because the soil particles inside the cell are protected by the side limits of the cell and cannot be taken away by the water flow to cause loss, therefore, the lower slope of the cell cannot be eroded by hydraulic power.
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