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The structural system of the flexible retaining wall of the geocell is complex, and the geocell plays a central role. The GeoGro's geocell is a geosynthetic material made of high molecular polymer sheets through ultrasonic welding. The reinforcement is mainly achieved through the interaction between the geocell and the reinforcement.
The geocell's reinforcement mechanism is mainly manifested in three aspects:
1) is the interaction with the soil in the cell;
2)is the lateral restraint of the soil in the cell; 3)the net bag function of the geocell itself.
Under different foundation conditions, the leading roles of the three aspects will be different. In the case of good foundation conditions, it plays a major role in the lateral restraint of the soil. When the foundation condition is poor, on the weak foundation, the friction between the geocell and the soil and the net bag effect play a major role.

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The GeoGro's geocell is filled with materials such as earth and rock, and the lateral restraint force of the three-dimensional mesh cell itself on the filler and the frictional resistance between the filler and the filler are used to form a structural unity with greater shear strength and rigidity. On the one hand, the GeoGro's geocell flexible retaining wall is a flexible structure. When the lateral earth pressure on the back of the wall is large, the geocell structure itself and between the layers will produce certain lateral deformation, thereby reducing the earth pressure. . On the other hand, the stacked geocells and filler structures have a certain gravity effect, which can effectively resist the pressure and lateral deformation of the filling behind the retaining wall, thereby ensuring the stability of the slope behind the retaining wall, and the structural layer itself is relatively more stable. The large shear strength and rigidity also ensure the stability of the retaining wall.

Tensile reinforcement of the reinforced layer of geocells. The reinforced layer of geocells has better tensile strength. On the one hand, the tensile performance of the material itself can directly limit the lateral deformation of the wall. On the other hand, the reinforced layer effectively limits the wall through the friction of its interface. The deformation of the soil improves the shear strength of the soil and reduces the earth pressure on the wall by the filling behind the retaining wall, thereby increasing the bearing capacity and strength of the entire retaining wall structure.

Retaining Wall-GeoGro
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