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GeoGro Incoming Quality Control

GeoGro's IQC inspection process

1) The material is received by the warehouse manager, and the name, material number, specification and quantity of the material are checked and signed, and then handed over to the IQC of the quality assurance department for acceptance.
2) The quality inspector summarizes on the individual incoming material summary table according to the incoming material list. Each person searches for the sealing sample, the operation inspection instruction, the corresponding monitoring equipment and equipment, and then goes to the warehouse to be inspected to sample and inspect the materials.
3) Inspectors should give inspection judgments in accordance with sampling standards. This department takes samples according to regulations, and even takes at least one sample of each material for inspection.
4) Finally, the results of the inspection are recorded on the daily report in written form, usually after all inspection tasks for a day are completed.
5) Take samples of unqualified products and submit them to the quality supervisor for review and adjudication; the quality supervisor approves the unqualified (rejected) materials, fills in the material exception report form, and submits it to the quality engineer (QE) for confirmation.
6) QE will confirm whether it is qualified for storage, special sourcing, online selection, IQC selection, or return of severely defective products to the supplier, and some of them can be scrapped; transfer the incoming materials that passed the inspection to the warehouse for entry Production line.
7) Summarize the inspection results based on the one-day inspection, and write out inspection reports by category for archiving.

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